Middle TN Music interviews Andrew from the Trongone Band

Hailing from Richmond, VA and formed by brothers Andrew and Johnny, The Trongone Band released their debut LP, “Keys To The House” on June 30th on Harmonized Records. Drawing from Funk, Blues, Americana and Southern Rock, the quartet is rounded out by keyboardist Ben “Wolfe” White and award-winning bassist Todd Herrington.

Primed for the festival circuit, the band has graced the stages of Virginia’s Roosterwalk, Tennessee’s Riverbend Music Festival, Florida’s Slide Into Spring Festival, The Allman Brothers’ Peach Festival in Pennsylvania, and West Virginia’s Deep Mountain Roots Revival.

In this interview spotlight, we chat with Andrew about the band’s influences, their latest project, the digital music world and more.

Full Q&A along with links and streams below.

Where are you from and what style of music do you create? (In your own words, not necessarily in marketing terms or by popular genre classifications.)

We are from Richmond, VA and we play no bullshit honest rock n roll.

What led you down this path of music and what motivates you to stay the course?

Decided at a very young at that it was the only way and and that there was no other option. We love it. We’ve been all in since day 1. Music has always come first.

How is your new release different than previous ones? Did you set out to accomplish anything specific?

It’s the first one! This is the debut.

An honest representation of our band and song craft. We wanted to make an undeniably bad ass record that we are proud of.

Do you face challenges as an indie musician in a digital age? How has technology helped you (assuming it helps)?

It’s not like old days! *laughs*

Social media!!!

Where can we connect with you online and discover more music?

YouTube, facebook, itunes, Apple Music, Spotify, instagram, archive.org.. usual suspects

Anything else before we sign off?

Support live music!